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Accomack -

Wetland Restoration

The Nature Conservancy selected Environmental Quality Resources to restore a wetland in Accomack County, Virginia. The 49.48-acre site sits within Deep Creek located northwest of Bayside Road (State Road 658) and drains to Doe Creek. The wetland was created as a mitigation effort to offset inevitable impacts on the Chesapeake Bay Basin and to establish a diverse wetland community. This will support wildlife and provide increased water filtration. The developed site now consists of two wetland benches with a total mitigation area of 17.76 acres.


The project site consisted of a fallow field previously used for row crop production, upland forest, and non-tidal wetlands. The ditches in the southern and eastern portions of the site were plugged to create hydrology for the wetland cells, as well as to prevent flooding to adjacent properties. The Nature Conservancy was awarded wetland mitigation banking credits for this project.

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