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Snakeden Branch at Lake Audubon Stream Restoration

Fairfax County Stormwater Planning Division contracted EQR to restore 739 linear feet of a channel at Snakeden Branch that, over time, had experienced significant geomorphologic change in terms of lateral bank erosion and incision, or deepening, of the stream bed. Bank erosion and channel incision ultimately led to exposure of the network of sanitary sewer laterals servicing the nearby community and the receiving 8” sanitary main running parallel with the stream.


Located in Reston, VA, the upper end of the project began at a 66” RCP Outfall running beneath South Lakes Drive, terminating into Lake Audubon at the downstream end. Sandwiched within a small, confined area between two neighborhoods, in a largely urbanized area, impervious runoff into storm sewers ultimately led to the degradation of the stream channel and was the primary driver for the restoration efforts ultimately undertaken.

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