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Harper's Glen-

Invasive Species Management

EQR was contracted by The Columbia Association to perform a stream restoration at the Harpers Glen Townhouse Association.  There was an existing ½ acre bamboo stand along with invasive grape vines which had climbed up several trees within the work area and just outside the Limits of Disturbance.  The original engineered contract plans and specifications only addressed the obvious NNI on the site and did not take into account the potential for NNI adjacent to the work area to quickly re-colonize the area within the LOD.   Upon a site visit, EQR proposed a long-term solution to the Columbia Association to manage the invasives within the work area and address the invasives outside the

work area. 


EQR crews cut down the invasive bamboo and climbing vines.  We then applied herbicide to the re-growth and follow-up treatments/site visits were made during the growing season.  The stream portion of the project has been planted with native species as part of the original contract, but the areas outside the LOD were not part of the re-vegetation plan.  EQR urged CA to vegetate this area with native trees and shrubs to help reduce the re-establishment of NNI to the area.

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