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ICC Project SC-19 -

Wetland Restoration

The SC-19 contract is a wetland mitigation and riparian reforestation project located in the Great Seneca Creek Watershed. The mitigation site is located west of Woodfield Road (MD 124) at the crossing of Great Seneca Creek just south of Watkins Road.


Restoration objectives for the SC-19 contract requested 25.0 acres of Palustrine Forested (PFO) wetlands, enhancement of .44 acres of PEM wetlands, preservation of 13.15 acres of PFO wetlands, preservation of 1.55 acres of PEM wetlands, 0.5 acres of riparian reforestation, and streambank live staking. The proposed wetlands were designed to be primarily groundwater fed, with supplemental surface water inputs including overbank flooding from Great Seneca Creek and the Unnamed Tributary.

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