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Cowhide Branch Stream Restoration

About 20 years ago, a large storm water management pond located upstream failed. According to the Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, "To prevent adverse sediment loading from occurring within the tidal area of Weems Creek downstream, a stone check dam was installed near the intersection of Admiral Drive and Jennifer Road. At the time of installation, the understanding was that this dam was a temporary measure as it represented an insurmountable impediment to migratory and resident fish species movement."

EQR was contracted by Anne Arundel County for the restoration of the Cowhide Branch Stream and removal of the temporary measures.  EQR has removed the dam as part of a larger stream restoration project for this reach of Cowhide Branch. The impoundment created by the dam system is being converted into a wetland seepage system and a series of low stage weirs are being installed up and down stream of the dam site to restore fish passage to the reach. 

This project also includes restoration of an additional Cowhide Branch stream segment located further upstream which is currently being re-designed and is expected to be started in Summer 2018.

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