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Spring is for Giving Back

Spring is a busy season in nature-- and here at EQR it is no different. While we steadily put plants in the ground and plant seeds for future growth, we've also been giving back to the community that supports us in environments both built and natural. We have amazing luck to have opportunities like these to remind us that great things happen in our community all the time.

Back on April, 19th EQR took a day away from our normal course of business to volunteer our time doing the little (yet important) things so make our watersheds better. The 3rd Annual Will Bunn Day of Service was a productive day in nature thanks to our partners in the non-profit sector, local governments, and most especially Will Bunn's family. We honored the memory of Will as we removed copious amounts of trash and invasive species from over 20 locations spread out over MD, DC and VA and left each place a little better than we found it. This year especially, I'm humbled by the effort and impressed by what we accomplished as a group.

As if that weren't enough... EQR continues it's journey with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake in preparing the "EQR House" in Annapolis for occupancy. We are indeed habitat creation experts, just not typically the human kind. Tomorrow we will bring an EQR team to the house for the 5th time of 6 volunteer days this season and we're getting very close to a new home for a local Annapolis family. I could not be happier for the family that moves into this (pretty awesome) house, and for all of us at EQR who were fortunate enough to participate. We know through our work that it's great to build good things, and Habitat does it better than anyone.

Anyway, so much to get to, so little time. Enjoy Spring and all it's generosity while it's here-- summer is upon us and it's going to be very hot, and very busy!


Liam O'Meara,


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