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South River SWM Pond Retrofit -

Stormwater Management

EQR was contracted by the South River Federation to retrofit an existing 1.5-acre storm water management facility, located in the Annapolis Landing Community.


The work included:

  1. Installing and maintain sediment controls

  2. Removing existing riser structure and installing a concrete riser structure, including trash rack low flow, and pond drain

  3. Excavation and off-site disposal of 2,050 cubic yards of accumulated sediment

  4. Import and placement of 600 cubic yards of suitable fill

  5. Install muskrat barrier and a permanent maintenance access road

  6. Install aquatic and safety benches, including wetland soil mix and plantings

  7. Provide vegetative stabilization and landscaping

  8. Install 655 linear feet of fencing

  9. Remove existing manhole and install sump manhole



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