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MOCO Tenbrook -


EQR was contracted by Montgomery County, MD to install 20 Low Impact Development (LID) facilities within Montgomery County Right of Way in the Amherst, Tenbrook, and Breewood neighborhoods. These facilities included both bioretention facilities in the shoulder and curb extension bioretention facilities. In addition to the work associated with bioretention facilities, EQR’s work included asphalt pavement removal and installation, as well as curb replacement and installation of 20 curb inlets.


The project area contained high levels of impervious surfaces which forced storm water to run off untreated and uncontrolled directly into storm drain systems. The new rain gardens, grass swales, and bioretention facilities capture and filter runoff through layers of planting soil, sand, and gravel.  Treating the water prior to entering the adjacent stream channel which addresses Montgomery County's NPDES/MS4 requirements.

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