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Annapolis Phragmites Control -

Invasive Species Management

EQR was commissioned by a private landowner in Annapolis, MD to help restore native vegetation to the shoreline of his property.  The are was heavily infested with Phragmites, with few if any native plants adjacent to the water.  EQR drafted a two-phase restoration plan.  The first phase is to control the Phragmites.  The second phase is to re-establish a native plant community featuring Spartina, rushes, sedges and other forbs once the phragmites is controlled.   


EQR crew cut the phragmites down in Fall 2017 and then applied herbicide to the regrowth in the spring and summer of 2018.  During the final follow-up treatment scheduled for Fall of 2018, the site will be re-evaluated to determine if another treatment is necessary before planting will occur. 

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