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Broadmore Road

OPTI System -

Stormwater Management

The work at the Broadmore Road Pond included two separate projects that became a collaborative effort between Montgomery County, Opti and EQR. Initially, the County was working with EQR to schedule routine pond maintenance that included resetting rip rap channels and pond sediment excavation. Shortly after that process began, Opti reached out to EQR regarding modifications to the existing Storm Water Control System previously installed by EQR at the Broadmore Rd Pond. EQR saw an opportunity to save time and money by collaborating with the County and Opti to complete both projects at the same time.


Once the pond maintenance was completed, EQR expertly integrated a state of the art, Opti designed Storm Water Monitoring System to operate in conjunction with the existing Storm Water Control System. In order to integrate the new system, modifications to existing structures were necessary as well as digging trenches for conduit runs, and also the installation of two large support posts for attaching solar powered control panels. The modifications included installing 3 weir plates at a reinforced concrete inflow pipe and a pair of reinforced concrete outflow pipes. Next several water monitoring sensors were installed within and in front of the concrete pipes and the sensor cables were then run through the entrenched conduit and connected to the solar powered control panel by a licensed electrician. Once EQR’s work was complete, Opti was able to bring the monitoring system online and begin recording data.


EQR completed both projects on time and on budget, leaving both customers happy and eager to collaborate with EQR on future projects. The successful completion of these projects along with two satisfied customers is a reflection of EQR’s dedication to professionalism and quality work.


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