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Coastal Resilience

Protecting coastal communities from sea level rise and increased wave energy caused by stronger, more frequent storms requires building the right kind of buffer between the land and the sea. EQR specializes in all types of shoreline construction when the site can be accessed by land. When site conditions call for hard armoring in high energy systems, we build structures that hold up. In situations where wave energy is lower, we specialize in installing innovative living shorelines that leverage nature-based processes to absorb wave energy, create habitat, and even evolve as the climate changes.

There are many challenges when working on eroding properties to stabilize shorelines or update failing bulkheads and revetments. EQR brings extensive experience working in tight spots and sensitive areas to install stone structures such as breakwaters, revetments, sills and groins and creating wetlands and marshes with native plants in living shorelines. We take care to avoid and minimize impacts to SAV beds, migratory waterfowl, and other ecologically sensitive areas as much as possible.  


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