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Hermitage & North Shore Living Shoreline

The City of Norfolk awarded this contract to EQR for restoring approximately 2600 LF of shoreline and creating 2.2 acres of associated tidal marsh for the Hermitage and North Shore Living Shoreline.  Work entailed installation of rock and coir log sills, creation of stabilized outfall pools, approximately 3000 CY of sand fill material for the tidal marsh, deployment of a turbidity curtain, and planting of low and high marsh areas using native species suitable for site conditions.

Due to unforeseen conditions as well as post-bid design modifications, additional materials were required, a tree required removal, a pipe required replacement, an outfall pipe needed extension and coir log sill was added.

EQR managed the work well, monitoring tides and maintaining schedule throughout the work.  Crews deftly maneuvered heavy equipment and large quantities of materials to work within constrained LOD’s, preserve vegetation and minimize compaction along haul routes.  EQR’s team also communicated and coordinated closely with the owner and designer representatives, facilitating rapid, effective reaction to changed site conditions.

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