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Four Mile Run -

Tidal Wetland Restoration

The City of Alexandria, Virginia contracted EQR to perform a tidal wetland restoration and installation of several infiltration facilities in Four Mile Run Park. The project, which involved over 13,400 cubic yards of contaminated soil excavation and disposal, was set up on a tight project deadline so that the city could maintain access to the adjacent soccer fields.  EQR completed the wetland clearing, invasive species management, excavation, topsoil import, wetland seeding, and installation of almost 25,000 wetland plugs well within the allotted project timeframe, even with several weeks of unseasonably wet weather.  EQR personnel was also highly sensitive to the patrons of Four Mile Park, creating a pedestrian detour and maintaining safety boundaries while allowing curious residents to inquire and view the progress on the restoration project.


The project also included the installation of a permeable pavement trail, as a demonstration effort and to connect with future park developments.  EQR crews graded and established the base layers, and coordinated with subcontractor crews to install the final flexible porous pavement product to the city’s standards.  EQR was able to provide significant savings to the city by proposing an alternative flexible porous pavement product to the one that was specified, enabling the project to remain well under budget.

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