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Four Mile Run -

Living Shoreline

EQR was contracted by Arlington County for a tidal restoration project that involved the installation of 9 living shorelines and other bank protection structures.

The work in the stream included naturalization of the stream bank and construction of living shoreline features along the edge of the stream.  Living shorelines are a more environmentally sensitive way to protect stream banks and coastal areas, with wetland plantings. They provide numerous benefits including:

  • reducing erosion along the bank,

  • improving water quality by capturing sediment and utilizing nutrients, and

  • providing habitat for fish and waterfowl.

The existing stone rip rap that currently covers the stream banks has been removed and replaced with native vegetation that will improve the habitat quality and aesthetics of the stream channel.  Some of the stone was reused to create the living shoreline features. We also renovated the asphalt biker trail which is highly used for commuters and installed thermoplastic watermarks where ever storm drains crossed the trail.

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