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Green Infrastructure Maintenance 

By its very nature, green infrastructure is designed to capture water and accumulate sediment and debris. Whether you are an individual with a small rain garden or a large municipality with thousands of stormwater BMPs, a major (and often overlooked) component of sustainable stormwater management is maintenance. Frequent inspections and proper maintenance, when warranted, help to keep rain gardens, sand filters, bioretention facilities, vegetated swales, etc. operating effectively. It is even required for developers and MS4 jurisdictions to inspect and maintain their stormwater facilities to meet their permit requirements.

Luckily, EQR is here to help! Every year, EQR's Ecological Services Division designates up to 8 full-time crews to perform stormwater BMP inspections and maintenance on thousands of facilities. We hold multi-year contracts with numerous County government clients but we also perform one-off maintenance jobs regularly as well. Our stormwater experts know what to look for to diagnose and repair inlet and outlet structures, excessive sediment accumulation in forebays and ponds, leaky or failing berms, unwanted plants, etc. We even build and maintain green roofs!


Give us a call or send us an email to check out your green infrastructure BMPs any time!

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