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Klingle Valley Trail -

Stream Restoration

This trail was much more than installing benches and paths, with decades of degradation to the site, there had to be significant restoration to the Klingle Creek channel. This project was designed to improve storm water management while maintaining the existing vegetation and architectural features.


EQR came in to resize and realign its channel and stabilize its eroded banks. The almost one-mile (.07) trail has a porous asphalt trail, creek restoration, bioretention ponds and bioswales that slow water velocity down and infiltrates it to aquifers below ground vs. running on the surface rapidly towards Rock Creek.   The Klingle creek restoration has features such as step pools, stone walls, including boulder and log placements.  Other feature includes 13 benches, LED lighting, signs, new native trees

and shrubs. 



Learn more about the Klingle Valley Trial



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