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Living Shorelines

Innovative approaches are necessary as our coastal communities and shorelines are facing more powerful storms and accelerated sea level rise along with precipitation changes.  There are many challenges and risks changing old shoreline protection measures such as armor stone or wood bulkheads to ecologically vibrant stable natural designs.  Evidence shows that during major storms, a living, natural shoreline performs better than hardened shorelines. 


EQR specializes in shoreline construction when the site can be accessed by land.  We appreciate the softer environmental techniques, but understand the need for harder techniques in high energy systems, similar to our stream projects. Techniques we have installed are breakwaters, stone revetments, stone sills and groins and sand fill wetlands and native plants in living shorelines.  These shoreline approaches have many benefits such as, reducing wave energy, reduce flooding, filter runoff, storing carbon, purifying water, trap sediment, and habitat creation for birds, fish, crabs and other aquatic species. 

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