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Native Landscaping & Reforestation

Native Landscaping:

During the past 30 years, EQR has planted over 3 million native plant species both as stand-alone projects and to enhance other restoration work. We've built wet meadows, pollinator meadows, and riparian communities of all kinds. Native plant species provide food and habitat for insects, birds, amphibians, and mammals throughout the growing season. 



EQR has planted millions of trees and understands the tremendous value that they provide to the local ecology and human community.  They are the largest plants on earth, they give us oxygen, absorb stormwater, stabilize soils, store carbon, remove contaminants from the air and water and provide food and habitat for many animal species. It is not an easy task to manage tree plantings in suburban and urban centers with both physical and biological stressors. That's why hiring a quality company like EQR is so important. We always train our crews in the most up-to-date planting techniques, because we know high-quality plants and animal protection measures dramatically increase planting success.

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