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Charles Branch Tributaries at Rosaryville State Park

Charles Branch tributaries at Rosaryville State Park stream restoration nears completion in Prince George’s County, MD. The project involves the restoration of approximately 12,000 ft of tributaries. A special thank you goes out to Lindsay Nicoll with McCormick Taylor; she was wonderful to work with according to our extraordinary project manager Karly Epp.

The project had an interesting start, we discovered a nesting vulture, so the project had a delayed start until she and her chick left their nest. Then we had six crews working at once with a subcontractor to complete the project in a timely manner.

This stream restoration project is designed to stabilize and restore headwater channels and seep wetland features through adjustments to stream bank geometrics to address vertical and lateral channel instability. Further, the project is designed to prevent channel erosion, including incision and lateral migration, and will reduce excess nutrients and sediments transport by stabilizing the stream banks and improving floodplain connectivity. The project includes head cut stabilization, wood cross riffles, log sills, cascade features, wood run riffles, pool enhancement features, and tributary confluence stabilization. The narrow access path is well designed to prevent compaction of existing soils by using low ground pressure equipment which exerts no more than 8 PSI and does not provide for on-road truck capability.

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