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EQR: Zero Dark Thirty

Montgomery County, MD Unit Price Contract for Routine Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repair of Existing Aboveground Stormwater Management Facilities experiences rapid growth due to efficiencies of crews and leadership.

Garfield Smith leads the fleet of trucks leaving the “MUP Yard” weekday mornings after delivering instruction and praise for his crews. Prior to the Tuesday tailgate talk the crews are busy checking oil, lights and tire pressure on each truck getting ready to leave the yard. All machinery is fueled up and greasing of equipment is done each afternoon, so the crews are ready to get to work each morning.

By observation, one can tell the team is working like a well-oiled machine. They have a 100% spotter for each vehicle who operates in reverse gear, no exceptions. Just a year ago, the team consisted of 15+/- folks and now close to 40 are raring to go each morning. Quotes from our clients are generally “This facility has never looked so good in over ten years”. Garfield deserves a lot of credit, but knowing him, he would quickly point to Ricardo Preza Escobar, Marcus Pasay and Westley Smith, his Superintendents who share his leadership and vision for how this division is run within EQR.

All toolbox talks are done in English and Spanish. EQR’s Covid-19 policy is discussed daily to insure the safety of all. Trucks are sanitized daily, and all are wearing face masks while in proximity in the trucks. Crews are taking care of stormwater BMP’s from Montgomery County, MD to Fairfax County, VA to Charles County, MD, not to mention maintenance for WSSC also. EQR has held the Montgomery County contract since 2012, then opened a yard in the county where EQR started in 1991. We recently opened an office in Fairfax County to continue to serve these jurisdictions with a local presence.

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