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Gramies Run Stream Restoration

Gramies Run in Cecil County, MD was a design-bid-build TMDL project for Maryland State Highway Administration that EQR has recently completed the construction on. EQR was awarded a multiyear contract with the State Highway Administration to perform stream restoration and stabilization of approximately 5,951 LF of Gramies Run and three tributaries in Cecil County. Construction started in February 2018 and is wrapping up in April 2020. The work included riparian seed and plant installation, stream channel and floodplain grading, headwall and pipe placement and the installation of in-stream rock and wood structures such as riffles, log toe protection, soil lifts, rock sills, rock cross vanes, rock j-hooks and cascades to name a few.

Permits for this project authorized temporary impacts of 240 square feet of forested nontidal wetland, 957 square feet of scrub-shrub nontidal wetland, 7,092 square feet of emergent nontidal wetland, 27,250 square feet of 25-foot nontidal wetland buffer, 5,951 linear feet of Gramies Run and its tributaries, and 388,937 square feet of the 100-year floodplain. The project involved work within a sensitive species habitat, which made work challenging. EQR a hired sensitive species expert from JMT, which was required to perform daily site inspections before work started and when perimeter wildlife protection controls were compromised. This happened often during the first year of the project when increased flows from frequent large rain events would damage our in-stream wildlife protection fence.

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