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Herrity Fountain 2021 Bubba Award Winner

Fairfax County Government Herrity Building Concrete Fountain Replacement

Wins a 2021 Bubba Award for Best BMP Retrofit

The major function for retrofitting the existing pond was to retain and reuse storm water on 2.2 acres at the government center. Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI) designed the pond, which includes two bioretention areas with multiple weirs, to increase the aesthetic appeal as well as provide significant benefit for both humans and storm water treatment. A 15,000-gallon cistern was placed in the pond to collect and hold water after rain events and used in the pond. Excess storm water was also released into the local storm water facilities after peak flows were present, therefore reducing the impact on local waterways.

Rainwater fed the bubbler fountain centered in a pedestrian plaza with a bioretention area and a pond. The project increases water quality and reduces peak flows around the fountain.

Fairfax County Landscape Architect John Palmer passed away suddenly from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and this project is dedicated to his memory. The project was just landscaped, so it will only get better looking as this season and the years go by.

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