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Lower James Stream Mitigation Bank in Surry, VA

Some of the issues were degraded bed and banks, head cuts, unstable meander pattern, ineffective vegetative rooting depth, and excessive sedimentation and degradation of aquatic habitat.

The project goals were to restore natural stream and riparian buffer function and habitat, which will improve water quality, in-stream habitat and stream channel stability.

A Stantec design and EQR construction. Thank you Stantec, as always, your team is a pleasure to work with.

Also, our amazing crew members:

Alexander Amaya

Isaac Franco

Shannon Whitt

Steven Johnson

William White

Jose Ordonez

Nahun Toledo

Melvin Aguilar

Oswaldo Quispe

Jeffrey Stevens

Javier Onorato

Brian Landers

Thomas Lucci

Super - Gerson Aguilar

PM - Chris Wharton

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