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Old Courthouse Spring Branch Restoration

Old Courthouse Spring Branch Restoration was a nearly 2,900 linear foot project that also incorporated a sewer line installation and wetland habitat creation. The project located in the downtown Tysons Corner area and receives significant amount of storm water that lead to bank erosion. Pre-construction, the site had six-foot sheer cliff banks that threated to erode further into the forest stand and nearby parking lots. The design that we implemented used a variety of grade control structures including cross vanes, j-hooks, log rollers, rock toes, log toes, and soil lifts to stabilize varying areas. The crews worked closely with Fairfax County and the design firm Stantec to make small changes and additions to the project which contributed to creating a better final product.

We utilized three separate crews staggered throughout the site to expediate progress. The crews worked to build structures which helped minimize future erosion and establish habitat for native species. All three did a fantastic job maintaining attention to detail. The finished project is something that EQR is very proud of.

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