Stream Project Wins 2019 APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter's Project of the Year Award

EQR is proud to announce that the Cooley Road Stream Restoration Project has been awarded the American Public Works Association (APWA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Project of the Year Award for the category of ‘Environment less than $5 million’. The project has been endorsed by the mid-Atlantic chapter and forwarded for consideration for an APWA National Award.

The APWA Project of the Year Award was established to recognize outstanding work in environmental restoration. EQR was contracted by James City County, VA for the restoration of Cooley Road Stream, which consisted of stream channels that were extremely excised, over-widened, and channelized with active eroding banks. EQR worked with James City County to narrow the streams and dissipate the flow of storm water to actively prevent soil and bank erosion. EQR accomplished these goals through the construction of a series of step-pool conveyance systems, which helped control the speed and volume of storm water flow. EQR also sought to properly tie in the existing stream bed elevation and reconnect the stream with its natural floodplain. These construction efforts enabled a superior storm water management system in the event of a major flood or storm.

EQR was proud to work with James City County on the Cooley Road Stream Restoration Project and is honored to have received the Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Project of the Year Award for these efforts. We look forward to future restoration projects and the improvement of our streams and watersheds.


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