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Storm Water Management

With the natural increase in development activities, most municipalities in the mid-Atlantic have implemented storm water management best practices.  Traditional methods relied on storm sewers and detention ponds that reduce flooding. However, urban and suburban areas do not have any storm water management systems in place contributing to an increase in water pollution and will damage aquatic habitat, by increased flow, speed and volume and water temperatures during and after storm events. 


Because EQR has installed thousands of systems in the region we have the expertise to manage ongoing maintenance requirements needed for proper stormwater functioning.  We hold unit price contracts with several counties in Maryland and Virginia for the maintenance of their facilities.  These facilities help maintain natural hydrologic cycles using grading, vegetation, engineered soils and natural processes that absorb and filter storm water.  These facilities include ponds, bioretention areas, riparian buffers, gravel and constructed wetlands, grass swales, sand filters, pervious pavement and rain gardens. 

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