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Stream Restoration

Since 1991, EQR has restored hundreds of miles of streams designed by dozens of engineering firms utilizing diverse techniques and methods.  Our clients and partners rely on our vast construction expertise to integrate project designs into highly dynamic systems.  EQR brings decades of experience working for private, non-profit, municipal, state, and federal clients in challenging urban, rural, residential, mountainous, and tidal locations.  No other firm has as many years of construction experience or enough crews to handle twenty plus projects running simultaneously. 


EQR is proud to be in the stream restoration industry because we know the work we do every day is making real improvements to water quality.  We are passionate about projects that reconnect floodplains, stabilize streambanks, reduce nutrient and sediment pollution, enhance coastal resiliency, improve aquatic habitat, restore fish passage, and bolster biodiversity in riparian areas. 

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