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Stream Restoration

Since 1991, EQR has spent millions of hours restoring hundreds of miles of streams, designed by many engineering firms and utilizing diverse techniques and methods.   Many of those engineers and owners rely on our vast construction expertise to integrate the design in a highly variable system.  We are experienced working in challenging sites such as urban, rural, residential, mountainous, tidal settings on both state and federal projects.  No other firm has the years of construction experience or crew availability to handle twenty plus projects running in simultaneously. 


Our passion is obvious by the way we go about our daily work, our crews understand the natural complexities involved with constructing such sensitive systems.  We constantly invest in our employees to ensure we remain at the top of our industry.  We are proud to be in the stream restoration industry because we know our industry is making a serious positive contribution to improving water quality.  We are passionate about projects that include: floodplain reconnection, stabilization of stream banks, reducing nutrient and sediment pollution, coastal resiliency, improving aquatic habitat, allowing fish passage, creating biodiversity and wetland plant establishment. 

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