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Windmill Hill Park - Living Shoreline

The City of Alexandria contracted EQR for a living shoreline project at Windmill Hill Park.  First established as a park in 1945, Windmill Hill Park sits on former marshland on the Potomac that was a major tobacco trading post in early 1700's.  The parks name comes from the wind-powered water mill that occupied the sandy bluff in 1843. 


EQR started construction at Windmill Hill Park in May 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in mid-year, 2018.  The project includes a living shoreline with stone sill, stone revetment, and a planted slope.  The slope will contain tidal grasses, riparian buffer and native landscaping, that will encourage and support more diverse aquatic wildlife use at the park.  The park will feature several lawn areas, seating areas, a brick sidewalk, a stone dust walking trail, meadows, a pedestrian bridge, water access ramp, bike racks, water fountain, benches, and lighting. 


Along with building the living shoreline, EQR will be upgrading the existing storm sewer outfall and installing a bioretention area where the project will remove 6.53 pounds of phosphorous per year, exceeding the requirement of .99 lbs/year.  


Learn more about Windmill Hill 

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