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Business Administration intern gets feet wet in Environmental Construction

Hello, my name is Eric Winn and I am currently a rising senior at Towson University. My field of study is business administration with a concentration in human resource management. Prior to this, my concentration was leadership and management and I did not have a specific idea of what area of work I wanted to get into. This uncertainty led me to intern at Environmental Quality Resources LLC (EQR) and it has been nothing short of a great learning experience as well as an eye opener. I wanted to get some practical business skills and learn how businesses operate and EQR has shown me this plus more. In addition, I liked working within the environmental science field because I had an environmental science concentration throughout middle school and took an environmental science course in high school.

While working at EQR I was being taught the processes of projects by project managers and estimators. From these project managers and estimators, I learned things like how projects are started, the kinds of rules and regulations that must be followed, and the types of billing processes that are involved. Also, I learned how to utilize various databases and maintain a project that is at work. It also feels good to know that we are encompassed in being a factor towards the improvement of the environment, notably the Chesapeake Bay. We are a factor of this improvement by doing activities such as retaining stormwater, planting trees, reducing erosion, and managing invasive species.

Environmental Quality Resources has a very supportive work environment and I am glad to say that I was an intern here. In addition, I am happy to say that as I applied my skills to working at EQR, I was given crucial advice and was taught many things in return. Also, even though I am going to school for a different program, I could eventually see myself coming back to EQR based on the experience that I was provided and how comfortable the EQR team made me feel. I would like to thank Environmental Quality resources for extending a great opportunity to me that has allowed me to learn and develop during my time there.

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