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Dunncroft Stream Restoration

One of EQR’s current projects located in Virginia is the Dunncroft Stream Restoration for Henrico County. Henrico surrounds the City of Richmond and is bounded by the James River. Henrico is a large county and one of two in the state that maintains its own 1,250 miles of roadway. The project is intended to reduce pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay as part of the EPA’s regulations with the Clean Water Act

Dunncroft consists of approximately 2,240 linear feet of full channel restoration for an unnamed tributary to Meredith Branch. The project is located on Henrico County Recreation and Parks land known as the Dunncroft/Castle Point Park and is immediately adjacent to Hungary Creek Middle School. Approximately 3.5 acres of the park will be cleared and replanted with native vegetation. Using a variety of live stakes, herbaceous plugs, tubelings, and container plantings will provide long term stability for the project. The park consists of walking trails and a disc golf course for residents and the stream restoration project has incorporated elements in the design to boost the natural elements of the park while also allowing for safer trails and a better course for disc golf.

The design was completed by Timmons Group and our very own Regional Project Manager, Mike Aust, was one of the designers working on the project before his transition to EQR. Mike has a rare and unique experience coming from the design world to now seeing the vision of the project fully implemented through construction. “I never anticipated getting to construct one of my designs when making the transition to EQR, but the pieces fell into place and I’m happy I have the opportunity to continue working with past colleagues to help restore this watershed. I’m a local resident of Henrico, and projects like Dunncroft are very important to me,” says Mike. The design incorporates on-site woody material used from the clearing work to assist with a stable, functional, eco-friendly stream using natural channel design methodology.

The channel construction will be complete by July 31, 2017 with planting to occur in November of 2017.

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