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Will Bunn Day of Service

On Friday, March 10th, EQR closed our office early to plant a tree in remembrance of our former colleague and friend, Will Bunn.

In honor of Will, we planted an Eastern Redbud tree at the very last site that he helped to restore named Yorkville Stream Restoration. We chose the Eastern Redbud tree because it is native to the area, is sturdy, has wildlife value and blooms flowers in the spring, usually around April. The early blossoms of the Eastern Redbud tree draw in nectar-seeking insects, such as several species of early-season butterflies and honeybees.

The management staff at EQR, crew members who worked with Will, as well as his friends and family attended the tree planting ceremony at the Yorkville site. The rest of our EQR employees – regardless of their role in the company - completed stream clean-ups at multiple locations around the DMV. Together, we removed thousands of items that do not belong in our waterways, thereby making these places a better habitat for flora, fauna, and us humans who enjoy clean water.

More importantly, we did this for Will. He was a valuable employee whose passion and dedication for the environment spanned to around 18 stream restoration projects during his time at EQR. Due to the success of this event, our Will Bunn Day of Service will be an annual event, complete with the blessing of the Chaney and Bunn family.

If you are interested in donating to the William Bunn Memorial Scholarship, click the link and select the William Bunn Memorial Scholarship under the “designation” tab.


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