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EQR Employee Spotlight: Rick Scaffidi

Tell us a little about yourself.

EQR is my second career. The first one was when my cousin and I started a business in a garden center/nursery/landscape operation. It was called Solar Gardens and was the first and only commercial solar greenhouse in this region. We sold the business after 10 years and I went to graduate school, then to EQR where 24 years later I am the Vice President of Estimating and Sales.

How did you first learn about EQR?

I had worked with my friend, Jennifer Connelly and she called me up and said her boss was laid up with a back injury and needed help running the business, that was Carter McCamy (The founder of EQR). I said I would help out for the month – 24 years later, I’m still here.

What drew you to EQR originally? And how has EQR changed since?

The size of the company, the scope of projects and the project complexity has increased dramatically over the years. When I first started with EQR, there were only 6 of us in the field operation. Filo Ruiz and Mike Farley were 2 of the 6 and they are still here today. What have you gained from working at EQR?

Gray hair and a sense of accomplishment over the years.

What is your proudest moment at EQR?

Both seeing and being a part of the comradery at the company picnics, which all due to Chris Choppin. It is a big statement of who we are and where we are going that you really appreciate the size and scope of EQR at that time.

*Left: Rick with EQR President Liam O'Meara at the 2014 Company Picnic

What is your role at EQR?

To cause trouble. I believe that life needs constant challenges and so does the company. So, I like going after the projects that test our ability. It makes us all better and its sometimes good to know our true limits.

What are you hobbies outside of EQR?

Hiking and photography, can’t do much else.

*See some of Ricks pictures below

How do you define success?

Satisfaction with your home and business life. What advice do you have for prospective EQR candidates?

Patience, it takes only a couple months to get complacent but years to develop good skills. It doesn’t matter what level you start in, good skill sets take time and they make the difference between a good employee and a great one.

Any random facts you could share with us?

I have many, for instance, Biochar can be made from any organic product, from chicken waste products, deer carcasses to any type of plant material. You need to cook the material in an oxygen free combustion chamber. Different Biochar’s can have a dramatic effect on nutrient holding capacity and pollution removal and will be, more and more, a component of our projects. #Careers #TeamEQR #Restoration #Success #EcologicalConstruction

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