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From the Field to the Office: Project Management Intern Shares Experience Working at EQR

Hello Everyone, my name is Wade and I’m a senior at UMBC. I spent my summer months as a Project Management/Estimating Intern at Environmental Quality Resources, LLC. I’m majoring in Geography and Environmental Systems, so I found my internship experience extremely useful and exciting! I enjoyed helping with EQR’s ecological restoration projects and feeling like I was making a difference for our local environment. I looked forward to coming in to the office every day and working on different tasks while directly applying what I’m studying in school as well as learning valuable skills from amazing mentors like Sarah Sanders in Project Management and Alycia Roberson in Estimating. I don’t think I could have asked for a better learning experience in my field. The EQR team was very knowledgeable and approachable! I could go to anyone with a question and they would always answer in ways that would help me totally understand the concept. Being able to ask questions and learn in that way allowed me the chance to take initiative on tasks and feel like I could actually contribute to the work

Having already spent time in the field with EQR last year, then spending half of my summer this year in Project Management and the other half in Estimating, I really feel like I got to see the whole picture of what this company is about. I got the chance to see the bidding process, the fieldwork involved and the management of those ecological restoration projects. It was a rush for me to learn how to read specs, to be in contact with vendors/subcontractors and solve some of the puzzles needed to manage the job. “Hello, this is Wade with EQR” is now my favorite way to answer the phone.

With such long list of career possibilities in my field I am very lucky to have had this internship experience. I can only hope to be a part of a team as capable as Environmental Quality Resources after graduation. The passion that EQR has and getting to be a part of that has confirmed that what I am doing in college, all the time and energy (and money) put into a Geography and Environmental Systems degree, is worth it. This is what I want to be doing with my life and that is such a relieving feeling. So, for that, thank you Environmental Quality Resources, LLC!

If you are interested in interning with EQR, send your resume to

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