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Historic rain causes severe damage to Baltimore County resident's home

We've seen historic rainfall in several spurts the past few months. We had as much rain from April to July as we normally get all year! The strongest storms have dumped 70% more rain on us than the strongest storms have in the past. Due to this historic rainfall, a homeowner in Baltimore County experienced first hand the dramatic consequences of these historic rainfalls.

The residence of a Baltimore County homeowner has a tributary of the West Branch Herbert Run running directly in front of his house. The Ellicott City floods ended up contributing to a scenario that overwhelmed the tributary and eroded a huge portion of his front yard, nearly exposing the foundation of the house. It doesn’t help that the house is perched about 15’ above the tributaries bottom, creating an all-around scary situation.

In what was declared as an emergency repair, EQR constructed 8.5’ Imbricated rock wall to hold back the grade of the property and to eliminate the possibility of any future erosion should such flows be seen in that tributary again. A sewer encasement was completed along with Class 1 rip rap being placed at the top of the wall to dissipate any sheeting/erosion from the house that would occur.

Homeowner, Michael Paul says, “I can’t say it enough about the great experience working with the EQR team on this difficult project, now my wife and I sleep better now that when we hear thunder and downpours we have no need to worry anymore about the bank eroding and the house is now safe and secure from the creek now.”

Our team can all feel secure in the knowledge that Mr. Paul’s home is now safe from loosing their house. The EQR crew, (Chris Redmon, Scott Goolsby, Erlan Rodriguez, Jason Harman, Taylor McFadden, and Cody Snyder) was honored to be able to help out a member of our community by doing what we do best; working with water.

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