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Cooley Road Stream Restoration

EQR teamed up with James City County and Brown and Caldwell this May to restore an impaired stream in two phases. The project has a total disturbance area of 0.77 acres and is located within the Mill Creek Watershed of Williamsburg, VA. The Mill Creek Watershed is the most developed watershed in the county. Rapid urbanization and increased stormwater runoff have caused heavy stream deterioration, altered stream flows, and clogged available drainage areas.

Scope of Work

The restoration consists of approximately 510 linear feet to an unnamed tributary to Mill Creek at 130 and 142 Cooley Rd. Stream widths have been adjusted to improve water quality and sediment transport. A series of step pools using over 500 tons of imbricated boulder has also been constructed on both phases to dissipate energy. The crew has been working diligently to avoid damage to existing utility lines that cross the stream. They have also shown considerable perseverance while working through wet, unmanageable soil material in limited working spaces.


The project has an anticipated completion date of mid-August. The restoration will aid in the improvement of the watershed and provide credit toward the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements.


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