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Slaughterhouse Run Restoration

EQR was recently contracted by Baltimore County to implement the Upper and Middle Slaughterhouse Run Stream Restoration project. Comprising two large stages and 25 individual stream reaches, this project aims to stabilize and restore 5,500 feet of Slaughterhouse Run and 1,500 feet of several key tributaries. In effort to protect critical native aquatic species that utilize Slaughterhouse Run, in-stream work on this project has been limited to only occur between May 1st - October 1st. This abbreviated construction period, large project size, and an anticipated completion date of Fall 2019 make for quite the challenge!

Slaughterhouse Run was selected for restoration by Baltimore County due to its accelerated streambank erosion rates caused by storm water input from nearby suburban Pikesville, MD. Designed by WSP, this project aims to stabilize the stream channel, promote more effective floodplain connectivity, enhance aquatic habitat, and establish a robust riparian vegetation community. EQR’s crews are excited to work with the Baltimore County/WSP team on this exciting project and will be sharing details of our progress as the restoration continues.


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