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Coquelin Run Stream

Back in 2013, EQR was called in to repair a water main pipe which had erupted and shot approximately 60,000 gallons of water onto Connecticut Avenue.  After repairs were complete, EQR restored the stretch of stream from Connecticut Avenue, to the bridge entrance, to the surrounding condominiums. 

Since we restored the stream, EQR has worked with Dennis Potts of Potts Consulting, the representative of 8101’s condo association, on a strategical landscape plan which includes managing the invasive species, planting and maintaining native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants around the stream. 

These bags are stuffed with small sticks and leaves which are found onsite to promote aquatic organisms to nest and become food for assorted fish species.

Several goals for this project are to beautify the stream and add seasonal color. We planted native plants in the surrounding area, which attract beneficial insects, which help to beautify the stream and create a healthy ecosystem. EQR has also added natural tubes made from coconut fibers, shaped into bags, which are stuffed with small sticks and leaves which are found on site. The idea is to promote benthic macroinvertebrates (aquatic organisms) to nest and become food for assorted fish species. The American Shad spends most of their lives in the ocean, but return to freshwater rivers and tributary streams (like Rock Creek) to spawn.

Recently, a local developer purchased property on the north side of Chevy Chase Lake Drive and started constructing a spectacular residential development.  The impervious surfaces will flow additional storm water into Coquelin Run, so Potts Consulting facilitated the mutual use and subsequent stream improvements of an existing outflow directing stormwater into Coquelin Run.  EQR has completed the construction work and will be back to plant the site in early spring of 2017.

EQR would like to thank the folks with the following organizations: 8101 Connecticut Avenue Condominium Association and Dennis Potts of Potts Consulting.  Their concern and care for the environment allowed us to do what we love doing, restoring waterways as best as possible in urban settings.


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