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Greenwood Pond and Blackwater Creek Tributary Stream Restoration

As part of the City of Lynchburg requirement to achieve pollution reduction and to improve water quality to meet urban stormwater pollutant reduction, the City contracted EQR with the Greenwood Pond BMP Retrofit and Blackwater Creek Tributary Stream Restoration Project. This project consists of converting a portion of an existing in-stream stormwater detention pond into a constructed wetland and restoring approximately 850 LF of tributary stream that enters the existing pond from the northeast.

The construction of this project is being completed by EQRs team in Richmond, VA, led by our regional project manager, Mike Aust. The proposed design is reestablishing riparian buffer areas and reduce channel erosion through plantings and stream restoration using natural channel design principles.

The restoration part of this project begins where erosion becomes severe and the channel transitions quickly from less than one foot to more than six feet deep. It was found that bed and bank erosion is severe throughout the project area. The restoration area ends at an existing stormwater management facility, with the channel depth fading to approximately one foot as the channel enters the footprint of the stormwater pond. The pond will be stabilized with native vegetation including trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plantings

EQR is excited to expand our stream restoration projects to more areas in Virginia and to continue to help preserve and protect water quality for generations to come!

Client Served: City of Lynchburg, Virginia

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