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Rain Pays. The "Holy Hill" Goes Green.

Earlier this year, the Anacostia Waterfront Trust worked with Washington DC’s Department of Energy & Environment to capture and infiltrate storm water from the Progressive National Baptist Convention building and adjacent parking lot as part of their new RainPay program.  They worked with a DC based designer, Greening Urban to design a approximately 1,000 square feet bioretention facility for their building.  EQR was contracted for construction and we removed 128 cubic yards of existing soil and replaced it with a specified bioretention mix; 80% sand, with small amounts of clay, soil fines and organic matter such as compost.  EQR then installed a drain box in the parking lot with a pipe directing storm water into the bioretention facility, as well as directing a downspout flow from a nearby building into the area.  To form and function naturally, the bioretention area will infiltrate rainfall and recharge groundwater versus it just running off. This will create an aesthetically appealing garden for the members of this congregation.  The facility was planted with approximately 200 native trees, shrubs and grasses, chosen for their ability to handle saturated roots after a rain events.  EQR has been contracted to maintain the garden for the next two years to ensure that the facility is running properly.

As mentioned above, the DOEE has implemented Stormwater Retention Credit (SRC) Trading Program for voluntary green infrastructure best management practices that reduce stormwater runoff. This is also known as their RainPay program. Building owners can trade their SRC’s in an open market to others who use them to meet regulatory requirements for retaining stormwater.  This project is the first completed bioretention facility by the Trust, located on what is known as the "Holy Hill".  EQR looks forward to many more projects together with the folks at Anacostia Waterfront Trust.  On Thursday, May 11th, the Anacostia Waterfront Trust hosted a ribbon cutting event at the national headquarters of the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) in which EQR was in attendance. 

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As environmental construction experts for over 26 years, Environmental Quality Resources is proud of our mission of working outdoors to preserve and protect our watershed in a positive way.  See how EQR can ease the process when looking to implement stormwater BMPs and receive marketable credits or lower SW taxes.  Visit us online or give us a call at (410) -923-8680 to get more information and see if we are what you’re looking for. Looking to see what we are currently working on and more about our company?  Follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube!


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