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Restoration of Lower Lower Stony Run

Stony Run is a stream that runs through north Baltimore and is a tributary of the Jones Falls and the Chesapeake Bay. The stream runs past many area schools, parks and neighborhoods and serves as an environmental resource to the community. Stony Run also has historical significance as the current stream valley used to be the MA & PA railroad.

In recent years the Upper and Middle Stony Run have been restored and now, its Lower’s turn. The plan is to restore and stop soil erosion of the banks of the lower Stony Run.

Lower Lower Stony Run is a 10.7-acre stream restoration project that runs directly behind Johns Hopkins University campus. Due to all the surrounding new infrastructure, the pollution and run off into this stream has drastically increased over the years causing severe erosion to the stream. EQR was contracted by Baltimore City Department of Public Works to restore the stream. EQR is building many structures including riffles, step pools, root packs, and imbricated walls to help prevent further erosion and slow the storm water that moves through the stream. Additionally, we are creating multiple wetlands to better absorb runoff from the surrounding city. We are also abandoning an old sewer line consisting of 16 manholes and modifying existing manholes to better funnel and process stormwater.

Contrator: City of Balitmore

Contact EQR:

As environmental construction experts for over 26 years, Environmental Quality Resources is proud of our mission of working outdoors to preserve and protect our watershed in a positive way.  Visit us online or give us a call at (410) -923-8680 to get more information and see if we are what you’re looking for. Looking to see what we are currently working on and more about our company?  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube!


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